Marriage: Is it for you?

Comment by Jim Campbell

December 28th, 2018

Amy Matheny, at Mind Worth Concepts runs a site that is filled with wisdom.

She is now among my favorite writers.

Please check her out at the link in blue below.




I mean when there’s just so much to say..where do you start?

First of all if you don’t want a divorce stop acting like you do. It is not okay ever to make threats that you are leaving the marriage or create ultimatums out of an impulse toddler temper tantrum.

You’re an adult grow up and act like one.

it is imperative for both parties in a relationship to make a genuine attempt to learn effective communication skills.



There are millions of books on this topic that you don’t even need to buy because there are millions of articles right on the cell phone that you’re staring at that you can gain Insight from on this topic.


Ladies stop being so dramatic.

I’m an expert in this area if you keep reacting like a drama queen when he throws tantrums you’re giving him exactly what he wants which is attention and the cycle will grow like a wildfire.

Gentleman if you think you’re going to get the dream marriage you want by making that paycheck and utilizing your free time drinking beer and engaging in kids sports you are mistaken.

Trust me the effort you put into your children although deeply appreciated is not the Foundation of your relationship with your wife.

Engaging in your children is extremely important but engaging in loving your home and handling the tough stuff is going to give your wife a profound sense of peace and contentment which in turn allows her to give you more of her attention.


Gentleman if you’re lucky enough to have a wife that is a good woman she likely is tending to things around the house on a regular basis.

Many of these things your wife wishes she didn’t have to do but nonetheless they must be done.

Particularly if you have children.

Take the initiative to help out with these duties alongside her.

Sitting on the couch watching YouTube with your children does not constitute helping out your wife.

Take ownership in your position as a husband because the visual you create in doing this teaches your son’s to go above and beyond and teaches your daughters the level of care and respect they should expect in their partners you’re going to have to deal with much sooner than you realize.

Straighten up your collars and stop being lazy.

There’s tiny people watching you and the ripple effect on Generations proceeding your grandchildren will break a cycle of hardships and hurt that will be deeply appreciated.
– ladies stop putting your girlfriend’s first.

These women will likely not be the ones toting you to your doctor appointments when your 75 years old.

Your friendships will not be the basis of your children learning how to incorporate Family Values nor will they be the pictured image for your children upholding family traditions like Thanksgiving dinners or who stands by them when they graduate from high school.


Image: Norman Rockwell

If your blessed to have a husband it will be him in their memories.

Take ownership in your role as a mother and wife so your sons don’t end up throwing tantrums for their wives attention believing this is normal.

And so your daughters don’t end up single mothers dropping the grandchildren off to go play with their girlfriends.

There is a much bigger picture here and it’s about breaking a cycle.

Ladies and gentlemen husbands and wives listen carefully these principles are not old fashioned they are biblical and it is a standard for today’s Behavior in a book of life written many many years ago that still stands today.

There is no other way to enjoy having a family and creating a Happy Village without this book.

It cannot be done without God. Don’t fool yourself into believing it can be.

The standards were set for reasons beyond our understanding.

Perfection is a ridiculous standard however boundaries placed on standards for your family are important.

Remember the little ones are watching, what are they seeing? 

Gentleman if you have a good woman putting in all that she has into her family and her home and you do not show appreciation gratitude praise or you choose not to assist with the tough stuff at some point mark my words she will put her girlfriends first.

And it’s going to be a long drawn-out mess to get things back in order and believe me there is more pain in this experience then I care to elaborate but it will happen.

You cannot skate by treating your wife like she’s your mother and expect her to do everything for you and your children without nurturing her and expect it to uphold.

There are way too many Temptations this day in age and girlfriends often encourage your wife to leave you.

If you adhere nothing else I’m telling you please please for the love of God mark my words on this. Live up to the standard of man you hope your daughters were married.

Just go above and beyond.

Be the man that any woman would want to have as a husband and your wife who is graciously putting you first right now will continue to do so.

Girlfriends will never be a problem if you nurture your wife and this of course comes in a few respects.

Gentleman regardless of popular belief it is not okay to look I don’t care what they tell you.

Your wife would much rather you be playing a video game then looking at other women.

it’s unkind.

It’s not okay or to be considered Human Nature.

For the love of God Rise Above This crap.

Imagine what your daughters will go through if you do not set the standard under your household roof.

Apply your attention and efforts into the woman God has provided for you.

Transformations take time but the book says patience is virtue and God helps those who help themselves so your efforts will be rewarded.

And if nothing else you will have a better self value because you are believing in your wife and the Union that was brought together under God.

Health matters are to be considered but there is nothing your wife’s body cannot provide that all these other women can.

Control your attention gentleman mind your manners and be thankful you have that woman beside you as a wife…

There..I’ve said it..




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