Mueller & His Band of ‘Democratic Witch Hunters’ Need to Be Disbanded Immediately

By Jim Campbell

January 20, 2018

Absolutely these are love thoughts.

Music here. (Source)

More music. (Source)

Need proof that Former FBI Agent is looking for love in all the wrong places?



If Mueller were legitimate and not just a mouthpiece and pimp for the Democrats he would be investigating the 5,000 lb. witch sitting in the middle of the room.

Hillary Clinton through her Clinton Crime Family foundation funded the so-called Trump/Russian dossier.



Let’s not forget the numerous other crimes Hillary has committed, starting with Benghazi, Uranium One and here scheme called “Pay to Pay,” where those wishing to see America’s secrets for a hefty fee to Hillary’s foundation could do so, allowing them to look at classified, secret and presumably top-secret documents.



Forget about Hillary’s Body Bags, she has been involved in far more lascivious behavior, so criminal, some not. (Source)



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