How to know when it’s time to divorce?

By Jim Campbell

January 21, 2016

Despite the divorce quizzes you may find online, there’s no set of criteria to check that mean you need a divorce.

Deciding to split from your spouse is a very personal decision.

New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Marriage in 2018 (Source)



Want to Avoid Divorce?

Wait to Get Married, But Not Too Long. (Source)



You are the only person who can decide if you’ve had enough and the marriage is no longer sustainable. When trying to decide when it’s time to divorce, look for certain patterns.


Major Betrayal You Can’t Overcome. (Seek help and get over it)

Infidelity, lies and other forms of betrayal harm a marriage.

While your marriage can survive betrayal, you have to be willing to move past the indiscretions and repair your relationship with your spouse.

Couples must become mature enough to understand that the last perfect man who walked was Jesus Christ who was crucified dead and buried, only to rise again proving proof of an afterlife.

If you are the person who betrayed your spouse, he needs to be willing to forgive you before the marriage can improve.

If one or both of you can’t get past an act of betrayal, it may be time to split.

Failed Attempts to Save the Marriage

Couples struggle for a number of reasons.

Whatever the cause of your marital friction, consider how much effort you’ve put into trying to save the relationship.

Have you gone to counseling, tried to reconnect and committed to making the marriage work?


Are you willing to do more to save the marriage?

Many marriages can be saved many cannot.

What ever happened to love honor and cherish till death do us part?

Most married people who divorce re marry and even re marry again signalling that the above statement means nothing.

If you promised this to the last man or woman you married and didn’t honor your vows can you be expected to honor them this time?

Of course not!

Perhaps one person is trying hard to make things work, but the other person doesn’t want to put in the effort.

If you’ve tried everything possible to save the marriage, but nothing is improving, divorce may be an option to consider.

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